The OG

Born from our love of Texas style BBQ and West Coast Bodyboarding, this is the rub that started it all.  The OG is perfect on your pork ribs, pulled pork, or anything you can imagine.

On orders that have more than 4 bottles an additional shipping charge will be applied.  We will update customers on the cost once we have received the order.



Back in 2014 I was working as a spice Miller at a coffee spice plant. On the weekends I would have all my friends over for MMA fights and Bbq. I have always played with different recipes and ended up with what was originally known as Kevin Opie’s California pork rub. After seven years of catering and cooking for friends and making the rub homemade it has transformed into the first of Opie‘s smokehouse line of West Coast rubs the OG. The sweet with a little heat rub is a perfect blend for your pork ribs, pulled pork and almost anything you can think of like baked potatoes french fries and eggs