about opie's smokehouse

est 2014

Sweet with a little heat

Opie’s Smokehouse’s Story is just as long and winding as your favorite stretch of PCH. The beautiful beaches, perfect barrels and glorious sunsets found along this stretch of road have been an inspiration for our rubs and seasonings. West Coaster’s will tell you there is nothing better than a BBQ after a long day of sand, sun and waves. A secret the rest of the BBQ community doesn’t want you to know, BBQ and the beach are the best combination. 

Where it Began


Kevin was introduced to BBQ while living in Texas in 1999. He then spent 6 years as a spice miller learning about spices. Kevin became an avid Backyard “BBQer” constantly experimenting with different combinations of spice. Weekends were always a treat at Kevin’s house, there was always something delicious on the grill.


Practice led to perfection. He bottled his first homemade batch of Kevin Opie’s California Pork Rub in 2014 and started selling to friends and family. In 2016, he branched out and started catering in Southern California. Being an avid bodyboarder he could be found catering local events and fundraisers many times right on the beach.


In 2020, Kevin added a steak seasoning to his line of homemade rubs.  With 2 great blends, in 2021, Kevin decided to expand his home-based business to a commercially produced product.  Kevin Opie’s West Coast Rubs was created and is now available for sale. He is currently working on more blends to add to his line, stay tuned as the adventure continues.