Pop's Reef

This seasoning was inspired when grilling on grandpa’s front porch overlooking the Central Coast Shoreline.  Pop’s Reef is the perfect compliment to your “Santa Maria Style” Tri-tip, steaks, or any grilled beef!

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Growing up an avid Bodyboarder in Southern California with grandparents living on the central coast. I was always visiting. Their house was up on a little hill overlooking one of the most beautiful views of the beach in a small town on the central coast. Right in front of the house at low tide this little rock reef would have a perfect little wave barrel in left and right. A few friends and my cousin name the spot pops reef after my pop John Broadley. being that pop for you is in the heart of try tip land it was only fitting that we name this all purpose steak seasoning perfect for tri-tip after this little rock reef that you can watch while cooking on the Santa Maria Grill from the front patio of the central coast home pops reef is the second on the line of OP smokehouse west coast rubs.